Bridge structures constructed with “I Beams” are very common. For that reason we have developed our own product designed to maximize the beams potential. This allows us to increase the space in between the beams leading to an improved economic saving.

Reinforced Earth

Reinforced Earth MSE retaining walls are coherent gravity structures designed to resist specific loading requirements.  The wall’s strength and stability are derived from the frictional interaction between the granular backfill and the synthetic or metallic reinforcing strips.  Due to the product’s design, no wall footings are needed making it possible to build on compressible soils and terrain with a low load bearing capability.

U beams

U beams were developed as a complement to I beams. They are especially appropriate in those cases where an aesthetic finish or an exceptionally rigid structural solution is required.  Tierra Armada has developed an extensive catalogue of these types of beams in accordance with market demands.

Precast Arches

TechSpan® is the most reliable, cost effective pre-cast concrete arch system.  This three-hinged system is the ideal solution for the construction or replacement of culverts and bridges.

Walls and Abutments

TechWall® precast retaining walls and abutments are an effective solution when a standard footing may be implemented or, when site conditions rule out the use of linear reinforcing strips.

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